Data Management

Salesforce Data Management and Integrations.

Having data is of little value. What really matters is understanding your data.


Problems We Solve

Data is the core component of all modern companies. Successful businesses understand their data and make data-driven decisions. It’s much more than just moving data between systems.

Data distribution and replication.

We can distribute and replicate data between all components in the business ecosystem (legacy software, CRM, ERP, E-commerce etc). Data management involves multiple processes – from data consolidation to implementation of transaction models, cashing, recovery and fault tolerance. What’s more, we keep all data consistent and make it easily accessible to the right people on the right devices.

Data Import.

We do not simply import your data. Rather, we perform automatic integration and data model unification while preserving the data integrity and structure. Furthermore, we deliver top-notch data input solutions, integrate data with any application and design efficient database interfaces. Whatever your process we can tailor our solutions to meet your specific business needs and objectives.

Ensuring data quality through automation.

We will enable you to implement smart data deduplication (real-time, scheduled) as well as keep your data sets safe and secure. We analyze your data lifecycle and are capable of delivering an ultimate solution for data input, storage, and dissemination.

Recovery and backup.

Our best-in-class services open up an unmatched opportunity to implement customized backup solutions on Amazon S3, Heroku Postgres and other cloud infrastructure solutions. Our solutions include standard Salesforce functionality configured to enable easy recovery.

How We Work

We follow best practices to map, maintain referential integrity, deduplicate, migrate and reconcile your data

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